Paintings »

My abstract, layered paintings come into being as the colors racket on the canvas. The artwork is ready when they converse and take up a position of my choosing. My inspiration orginates mostly from the beautiful and versatile nature of Italy. As materials I use mainly oil and acrylic paints.

Photographs »

Photographing nature, its tiny miracles and wider entities, is a hobby of mine. I adore old houses, ruins, pittoresque doors and windows. From behind my camera I observe the life of villages and big cities alike. In this section I share glimpses of the world I see through my viewfinder.

Other works »

I enjoy having a diverse approach on the subject, a different way of experiencing, producing and representing. Trying something new is challenging and surprising, while returning to an old material can revitalize a forgotten idea.  Works using different techniques, e.g. water colors, drawings, mixed techniques.